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Hilarious Cards

Searching for memorable greeting cards that border on risqué? You might need a hilarious card for that friend who has a special sense of humor. Well, you just hit the jackpot, because if our cards don't make your friends laugh then you need new friends. No, really. Life is short and you have to make the most of it.

NobleWorksCards has something for everyone. There's nothing better than going to a mail box and getting a card instead of bills. Well, okay, maybe winning the lottery, but greeting cards is a close second.

Years ago, people got letters and cards in the mail all the time. When they open up their mail box two things will happen: First, they will laugh at the card. Second, they will remember all the other cards they got years ago and be flooded with happy memories.

So, send some cheer to those friends who live far away, but who are not far from your heart. Pore over our hilarious cards, and pick the ones you like the best. We have cards for several occasions, but sometimes you don't need a reason like a birthday to send a card. Send a card just to say "hey." Those are the best kinds of cards because they're unexpected. And short of winning the 50 Million-Dollar Lotto, what could make your friends happier?

Humorous Cards

Want to show your friends how funny and interesting you are, but can't come up with anything funny or interesting? Well, we have you covered with our humorous cards. Let our creative writers and artist think of something humorous for you as you sit back and take all the credit.

Pick out the funniest cards on the site and hand them out like candy. Yes, it really works! People will think you're awesome because you made them laugh with a funny card.

For the mere price of $2.95, you can spread laughter and be remembered as that funny guy or girl. You might even get invited to more parties and functions. Life will be good. You might even start dating supermodels.

So why not invest in your friendships with some humorous cards? Everyone loves a surprise card to show that someone is thinking of him or her. Let your popularity blossom without even having to put in much effort.

Funny Cards

There are many kinds of cards, but funny cards are really the best. No one likes bereavement cards. No one!

So you might be asking yourself, what kind of funny cards do you want to send? We have non-offensive funny cards, offensive cards, laugh-out-loud funny cards, dirty cards, sort-of dirty cards and cards with dirty words.

If there were a scale of funny, our cards would cover the entire spectrum of funny cards. That's just how dedicated we are to all things funny. We've been doing this for decades. We know that the things your friends find funny your mom might not, but that doesn't mean she isn't a funny person or doesn't want a funny card. We have your mother covered. Why not send her a funny Mother's Day card? Don't forget Dad. He really doesn't want another tie. He's just being nice when he says he likes it. He only has one neck, you know.

We employ a team of funny writers and funny artists for the sake of being funny. We can't say if they're funny-looking, though as some live out of state.

To make things even better, we are constantly scouting for new, funny ideas and current trends. We do this to give our customers up-to-date funny cards to send to their family, friends and that cranky old man down the street. He really could use a funny card. Maybe he wouldn't complain about your dogs if you sent him a funny card now and then.

Mean Cards

Every group of friends has that friend who is a little bit mean. If your group doesn't, that means it's you. Really. We didn't know how to break it to you.

But I digress.

Sometimes you want to send that friend a greeting card, but puppies and kittens sitting on a bed of roses with hearts just isn't going to cut it. It's not a good fit. You need something more intense. You need a mean card. This is a unique friendship with a mean twist. This friend needs a different, quirky card to complement his or her mean side.

This friend needs a card that is a little bit mean, but in a hilarious way. And boy, oh boy, do we have you covered. We have a whole line of mean cards. Now you can remind that mean friend that she is one step closer to the grave at every birthday with a mean birthday card! Or that she's been too naughty to make Santa's Nice List with a mean Christmas card.

Of course, any occasion is a perfect occasion to send a mean card to that mean friend. Who else will get those inside jokes on a sarcastic card? Surely not that nice old lady who walks her toy poodle every morning.

Skim through our fabulous selection of mean cards to find that perfect, funny card for that not-so-perfect friend of yours with the wicked sense of humor.

Sarcastic Cards

Sarcasm is simply lost on some people, especially in a second language. A person can be so sarcastic that people might think he is serious or deeply confused. However, we get it. We're deeply schooled in sarcasm. We know that when you say "big deal," or "great job" that it isn't.

It's a well-known fact that we use sarcasm more with our friends that with our enemies, and you have friends, don't you? And those friends have birthdays, right? And what do you send people on birthdays?

Yes, we knew you'd get where this was going.

We have a whole line of sarcastic greeting cards that are sure to tickle anyone's sarcastic side. From sarcastic birthday cards, Mother's Day cards, birthday cards, and Christmas cards, there isn't a void our sarcasm can't fill for all the sarcastic people in your life.