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Healthcare Worker Thank You Cards

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Healthcare workers, whether they be doctors, nurses, orderlies, aides or homecare workers, have a difficult, oftentimes life and death, job to do under trying conditions. Throw in a coronavirus flu pandemic and the challenges and stress of their already tough jobs go right through the hospital, clinic and homestead roof! But the vast majority of healthcare workers still do a wonderful job caring for their patients, no matter how overwhelming and unbearable the situation; administering to the important health needs of their clients with tireless skill, dedication, compassion and caring. That's why, above and beyond the often exorbitant fees they charge, they greatly deserve our wholehearted Thanks and genuine gratitude. Because especially during these days of COVID-19 crisis, having a talented and devoted doctor, nurse or other healthcare practitioner with a wonderful examination table and bedside manner to administer to you when you're at your most vulnerable is something to be truly and tremendously thankful for.

So, while that expert, experienced and empathetic healthcare-giver is sticking you with a needle, shoving a thermometer into your mouth, changing your diaper or writing you out a prescription, give them more than your germs and an arm's length list of symptoms by gifting them a great Thank You card of appreciation and applause. The basketcases at NobleWorks know all about the difference a fine and feeling physician compared to a flummoxed and flinty doc can make, the boost to your spirits given by a well-schooled, warm-hearted nurse practitioner versus a sloppy, cold-fingered healthcare provider. And so we've created a line of marvelous medical gratefulness greetings that are inoculated with cheerful and cheering good humor and big kudos, glowing with healthy hilarity and laughing best medicine. Cards with large, colorful letters, a bulldog wearing scrubs and a stethoscope, beautiful flowers, and a fabulous-looking first-responder nursing the need for a "quarantini" are all available to you to pick up and extend to your favourite sensational healer in good-hearted and joking honor of all that they do for you when it comes to keeping you happy and healthy.