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Halloween Jumbo Cards

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Halloween is a huge day on a lot of people's holiday calendars. Bigger even than Christmas or Talk Like a Pirate Day, for some. If everyone has those slightly spooky friends, relatives and coworkers who go all out on All Hallows' Eve, as adults or kids, then cater to their rather scary October 31st obsession by gifting them any of the extra large, enormously funny, immensely colorful Happy Halloween greetings From All of Us featured here.

The iconic characters and symbols of the happily horrifying party day and night are all showcased on these hysterical, oversized, epically illustrated greetings, including witches, jack o' lanterns, black cats, the Frankenstein monster, Dracula, full moons and orange pumpkins. Giant in size and humungous in hilarity, these Halloween Jumbo joke cards will be met with screams of laughter and shrieks of delight when those Halloween trickster celebrants everybody knows and cares about are treated to the gigantic, good humored and goodnaturedly ghastly greetings.