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Graduation Thank You Jumbo Cards

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Whenever tremendous sporting or educational success is achieved, a large number of people really share in the huge accomplishment and are truly deserving of big Thanks. That's what this enormous collection of giant academic and athletic accolades cards is all about recognizing. Perfect for those coaches, teammates, teachers, students, friends and parents who were so crucial in assisting you in graduating or winning a tournament or trophy.

BIG kudos are spelled out in extra-large blue, red, white, green and pink letters, on bright blue, purple and orange backgrounds, and sportingly customized for the right competitive event with baseballs, footballs, soccer balls, basketballs, hockey pucks and lacrosse sticks. While cougars, lions, panthers, bears, tigers and dogs jam open air classic limousines to toss mortarboards and confetti, float balloons, and wave banners in awesome, eye-catching displays of massive appreciation.

To salute those who helped you amass educational or athletic glory, give out one of these incredible, colorful, glorious, good cheer gratefulness cards. You won't regret it, and they'll greatly appreciate it. They're all winners!
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