Graduation Schools and Mascots

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Nothing quite says Congratulations to that special grad, or Thanks to those special people who helped a student along their educational path, than a limo full of wild or domesticated animals! And we've got them right here, captured and cartoned, by the cute, cuddly, man and woman eating and greeting car loads.

Brown and black bears, dogs of all kinds, panthers, tigers, cougars and lions are colorfully pictured bursting out of the sunroofs of black, red, white, tiger painted and blue classic limousines, tossing mortarboards and confetti, floating balloons, and waving signs to send out awesome plaudits and tremendous thanks to recent graduates and those who made school success achievable. There's nothing quite like this boisterous, furry, fun loving, free wheeling selection of academic accolades and gratefulness cards.

Don't be the least bit afraid of approaching, petting, purchasing and sending out any of these unique, animal infused celebratory greetings to those so deserving.