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Good Luck Jumbo Cards

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When everybody wants to wish someone special a huge amount of good fortune in the future, then this is the giant good luck greeting card they should choose. Because the fates will surely favor anyone gifted this great, good-natured, gargantuan greeting featuring a feline fine maneki-neko kitty statue salute.

The enormous Japanese cat with the upraised and waving paw known for bestowing glad tidings and best wishes is perfectly pictured here extra-large and colorfully painted in white, orange, green, brown, yellow and red, gripping a golden medallion in its other paw, as it big-time beams and beats out the bliss. With the same cute pussycat on the inside of this immense, enormously charming card, as well.

All things will most certainly go well and shine bright for that super somebody once they're given this gigantic, goodwill, symbol and fur-laden, epic, appealing greeting card.