Galentine's Day Jumbo Cards

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Forget about the lovey-dovey pink and red roses, frilly boxes of chocolates and candy, expensive and time-consuming dinners and shows, and all of the emotional angst that goes along with traditional Valentine's Day; and embrace the fun, friendly, joyous, stress-free spirit of Galentine's Day! Celebrated on February 13th, the day before V-Day, G-Day originated on the TV sitcom "Parks and Recreation." As equally made-up as Valentine's Day, therefore, Galentine's Day, however, isn't concerned about the weighty worry of working just the right romantic magic for one night, rather, it's all about celebrating good female friends and having a great time doing so. Waffles, wine and wonderful jokes, laughs and feminine cordiality are on the menu for the fine and fantastic day, guilt and man-free.

Galentine's Day features ladies lauding ladies, gals getting together, women wolfing down delicious brunch food and gulping gallons of bubbly wine. The larger the cheering, chowing, chugging crowd of supportive chicks, the better. And if some big, beautiful, funny and fabulous greeting cards get exchanged in a warm-hearted and humorous manner, even better. NobleWorks just happens to serve up some brightly colored and wittily worded giant G-Day cards which perfectly capture the frivolity and feminism of the happy occasion. All of your treasured gal pals and best buds will get a humungous kick out of receiving one of these epic missives of masculine-free mirth and boozy best wishes.

Galentine's Day continues to grow in popularity, as new items are added to the breakfast-lunch menu and the concept of ladies toasting ladies catches on with more and more of the female gender who love the idea of joyfully commemorating easy-peasy, pleasing, platonic friendship, before struggling with the rigid romantic strictures and rigorous role-playing imposed on commercially-created Valentine's Day.
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