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Valentine Cards That Send Laughter Along With Love

Whoever said love has to be serious obviously never saw any of the fantastically Funny Valentines Cards from At the heart of everything we do in life is love, from sharing a smile with a stranger who looks they really need one, to telling our best friend she doesn't look the least bit ridiculous in those pleather pants she absolutely adores. So when it comes to our relationship with our partner, the one who has seen us at our worst and our best, the one who knows exactly what we look like and how we behave before our first cup of coffee, why would we remove humor from the equation? We wouldn't! We'd throw it right in there front and center with Funny Valentines Cards that bring the love and that other oh-so-important "L word" - laughter! (You totally thought we were going to say lesbians, but we didn't. Lesbians are cool too, though. Maybe we'll say lesbians next time just to keep you on your toes.)

So what makes our funny Valentines cards so awesome? For starters, we created a collection for relationships of all ages, from frisky and fresh to those that are a bit further along. Whether yours is more akin to a power-packed sports drink or a perfectly-aged wine, there's nothing so ideal a complement as funny Valentine's cards that bring your sweetie a smile.

Funny Valentines Cards For The New Relationship

If you're enjoying a recently kicked-off romance this Valentine's Day, chances are you are already stressing over card to choose. So many Valentine's Day cards are designed for long-standing couples, with messages espousing undying love for your husband or wife. Yeah, those cards aren't exactly going to work for you. But don't worry, not every greeting card company forgot about young love! Noble Works has you covered with Funny Valentines Cards like this one, which manage to be cute and clever without crossing the 'love you forever' line. This one is perfect for a guy or a girl to give, as long as you're on Facebook. And if you aren't on Facebook, get on there! It's an awesomely easy way to secretly stalk people. Err, find out more about them. Yeah, find out more about them, that's it.

Funny Valentines Cards For The Kinda Kinky Couple

Do your most romantic moments typically involve a safe word? Have you ever had to wear bangle bracelets to work to hide the marks the handcuffs left the night before? Is it safe to say that you not only know the best way to clean leather chaps, but that there's a pair drying somewhere in your house right now? We've met your type before, and we have to admit, we like it! You like your nookie a little naughty, so it only makes sense that your Valentine's Day card be a little naughty, too. We have a few cards in mind for you, but these Sexy Cards are among my favorites. This card makes a perfect pick for all those men and women out there who are ladies and gentlemen in the streets, and freaks in the sheets!