Political Funny Christmas Cards

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The Yuletide takes a decidedly political turn (not too mention twist) in this collection of electorally seasoned greetings. But all in good fun.

The 45th president of the United/Divided States, Donald J. Trump, leads the topical way, of course, with festive frivolity showing him meeting with Santa Claus, dressing up as a queen, bragging blowhard about his successful Xmases, and taking and failing a truth-meter test. Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama, along with a pope and some angels and praying kids, also put in colorful, quipping appearances on these politico tinged humor cards.

Because, hey, why should partisan politics take a break over the happy holidays? Only, in this case, the obnoxious bickering gives way to overt hilarity and good cheer - something we can 'all' agree on during the Christmas season.
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