Funny Political Birthday Cards

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“Diplomacy is the art of letting someone else get your way.”

Don't talk about politics! It's written into your workplace employee manual for a very good reason: political discussions often turn into heated arguments that, in rare instances, devolve into a fistfight. You, though, you like the excitement of defending your political views. You're right - or so you think - and everyone else is just plain wrong. You'll tell them, anyway.

For your birthday, these politically themed cards hit the spot - whether you stand proudly with your party or feel like thumbing your nose at the other side. Illustrations and other humorous designs poke fun at today's highly charged political climate, and appeal to all ends of the political spectrum. Democrat, Republican or a staunch Independent, NobleWorks Cards' political birthday cards speak directly to your beliefs and throw in a hilarious joke or two.

Have Some Humor With Your Politics

It is time to Make America Laugh Again with NobleWorks Cards' selection of political birthday cards. These hilarious designs with funny political jokes and greetings cross the aisle of partisanship and will surely elicit laughs whether you're a Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, or a libertarian or anarchist.

Funny political birthday greetings play no favorites, so whether you're a "never Trumper" or you are "not with her," there's a card for every denomination. Just be warned, these political birthday cards are not for the squeamish and definitely not for prudes. The humor is raw, unabashed, irreverent and uproarious. And NobleWorks Cards provides free shipping to boot. Just allow one to two business days for printing and shipping.