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Humorous Birthday Cards for Fathers and Dads-in-Law

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“What is the perfect Father's Day gift? Sending Mom away on a vacation.”

Dads and fathers-in-law everywhere deserve to have a funny birthday card for dad on their special day. Let’s face it — most of these guys would rather get a birthday card for dad with a funny cartoon or vulgar joke, rather than something that’s warm and fuzzy. So give them what they want with one of our funny birthday cards for a dad or father-in-law. These naughty cards are filled with dirty jokes that will have them in stitches. We even have the classic dad fart joke cards, and what dad can resist that? Funny birthday cards for dad are the only way to go when your dad’s big day rolls around each year. Just don’t forget to pick one up for your father-in-law, too. Trust us — he’ll love seeing a new side of you thanks to the hysterical sense of humor in our birthday cards for dad. Check out our selection today to find funny birthday cards for dad, your father-in-law and the other special men in your life. These unique family cards and jokes will create a hysterical new memory for your pops.