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Funny Engagement Jumbo Cards

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Getting engaged is a big, huge deal; calling for a giant, super-sized greeting card of Congratulations! And if the extra-large, soon-to-be-wedded-bliss acknowledgment card is also imbued with a massive amount of hilarious humor, then that's even more epically, awesomely better!

The getting hitched congrats cards in this collection deliver the goods on both counts: they're mammoth and they're mirthful. On one salute to the bride/groom greeting, a gigantic red heart beams a message of good cheer with a diamond shining above it, while the inside of the immense card shoots out a fun, profane, hearty punch line. While on another of these enormous romantic hook-up notecards, "BLINGULAIR XL" is prescribed in gorgeous, bubble-wrapped, glowing diamond ring form, with jokey instructions and a pink shout-out on the inside of the grand card.

When somebody special and/or some terrific couple announce their engagement, you've got to go big with your best wishes response, by giving her, him or them one of the gargantuan, garrulous greeting cards in this glorious grouping.