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Funny Birthday Jumbo Cards

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Birthdays are momentous occasions, no matter what the birthday boy or girl's age. Celebrating another year gone by is a huge event, calling for larger-than-life greeting cards to commemorate the enormous achievement. NobleWorks delivers for you, big-time, with a tremendous selection of good time, good cheer cards.

Birthdays are all about partying and having fun. So, the massive selection of giant greeting cards here are all about hilarity, laughter and joyful joking. President Donald J. Trump figures prominently in his orangeness and strangeness; BIG lettered cards provide bold, boisterous good wishes; cartoon snarky kids and game-playing going to the bathroom dogs send just the right humor message; and sexy images of cowboy studs and Vodka Girls, and women raising glasses of wine and arm muscle mass, add to the incredible array of mirthful B-Day missives to choose from.

Acknowledge somebody's big special fun day with an appropriately gargantun greeting card filled full of laughs, sass, color and celebration.