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Birthday Cards from Plain Funny to Humorously Smutty

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Everyone has friends. Everyone. Even super creepy people know some other super creepy people they can do super creepy things with. And normal things too, I'm sure. Even super creepy people have to go shopping and drink coffee and stuff. But super creepy people aren't my point. My point is that each and every one of us has at least one someone in our lives who is going to have a birthday. Everyone has them, even cats. And when that birthday rolls around, or those many birthdays if you're like most people and know more than one person, you're going to have to find a good birthday card to let them know you remembered, and care, and all that good stuff.

And being the hilarious (and gorgeous, incidentally) people that we are over here at Noble Works, we would recommend that you peruse our collection of Funny Birthday Cards when that inevitable day draws near. Because just like everyone has friends, everyone loves to laugh. And if they don't, well that's just really freaking weird. You should drop them and find new people to buy funny birthday cards for.

We know what you're thinking..."Oh dear, Noble Works! You have so many fabulously Funny Birthday Cards, and I just don't know which one to choose for whom! Help!" We hear your cries, and we are indeed here to help. You didn't think we'd leave you hanging, did you? So not our style. We're kinda sassy and grumpy from time to time, but we take this greeting card thing pretty darn seriously. So without further ado, let us take a closer look at a few of our funny birthday cards...

Funny Birthday Cards That Make Them Smirk

Generally speaking, we have roughly three levels of humorous greeting cards at those that make them smirk, those that make them blush, and those that confirm that you are a filthy-minded little devil. All levels include damn good humor with a lively laugh, and free shipping.

Are you looking for something more along the make them smirk line? Something closer to PG than R? Something you can give a coworker and not have to worry too much about HR finding out? Something that comes with a funny button? Oh yeah...a button. Like the kind you wear! We have an entire line of greeting cards with colorful, cheeky buttons attached, with plenty of Funny Birthday Cards like this one among them. This popular pick is perfect for any fabulous female in your life.

Funny Birthday Cards That Make Them Blush

You looking to take a little risk, but not go all the way? A good selection of our humor greeting cards ride the middle wave quite well, pushing the envelope to the very edge of the table, and pulling back just a bit before it falls all the way to Hell. These Funny Birthday Cards are a good example of our blush-worthy birthday lineup. And as an added bonus, they work well for men and women, which makes them a great card to stock up on for 'I totally forgot your birthday' emergencies.

Funny Birthday Cards That Confirm You're Filthy

Sure, there are times in our filthy-minded lives that we have to keep our kink in check. Like at baptisms, during a dental cleaning, or in front of our parent's friends who saw us take baths in the kitchen sink when we were babies. But there are other times we can let our freak flag fly like when we're buying birthday cards for the friends we actually like and aren't just stuck with! This selection from our Funny Birthday Cards collection is exactly the kind of card we're talking about. Go ahead, click it. You'll see what we mean.
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