Ephemera Humorous Birthday Cards

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The Ephemera Birthday Card collection features colorful, classic images and clever, hilarious captions, coupled and compiled for your complimentary B-day giving.

Well-dressed, distinguished men and women raise glasses, and then deliver crass punch lines; Moses burns up over the loss of his weed; pretty ladies in tight dresses send out some happy sass; a dog downs way too many beers by any reckoning; Bette Davis and Joan Crawford threaten anal hijinks; Hillary flexes her biceps and funny bone; Elvis and Nixon exchange handshakes and lies; Uncle Sam fingers the GOP for blame; dazzling dames in pearls and gowns proffer some profound statements; and even Jesus Christ makes an appearance on these delightfully decorative and decadent mirthday cards, giving instructions and going politicking.

Brighten someone special's big special day by gifting them one of these cheerful, humorous, goodwill, joke cards. The party will really get started when they open the envelope and get an eyeful of Ephemera hilarity.