Employee Appreciation Day

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If you're a work supervisor, manager, leader or just the dame or dude they call "Boss," then you well-know there's nothing that makes your job a whole lot easier than having great employees laboring for you. Things run smoother, projects get completed efficiently and effectively, and the customer complaints are few and far between.

So, those super successful subordinates deserve a super special card of recognition on Employee Appreciation Day. Perhaps a rewarding, happy, heartfelt greeting featuring enormous white, red, blue and green letters of immense thanks and kudos, on a vivid purple background. Or a crowning glory card embossed with a sparkling golden trophy which beams and shines out your fantastic feelings for those amazing underlings, against a bright purple background.

Every workplace benefits from having terrific employees, and, therefore, those tremendous subordinates should be mucho applauded with magnificent, effusive, epic cards of gratefulness and gushing good cheer.
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