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Hilarious Birthday Cards for Brothers and Brothers-in-Law

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“Home is where you can say anything you like…because nobody listens to you anyway!”

You may have grown up torturing (or being tortured by) your brother, but now’s the time to celebrate your crazy, hysterical relationships with one of our funny brother birthday cards. Also great for a brother-in-law, these funny birthday cards are full of dirty jokes that will have him cracking up. Whether your bro is a tough guy, a dork or a goofball, we have a funny brother birthday card with the funny jokes that will earn you a huge smile and a fit of laughter. These unique birthday cards for brothers or a brother-in-law have funny cartoons, vulgar jokes and all the other trappings of a funny birthday card for brothers. Don’t miss this opportunity to give your brother a great joke for her repertoire and a big laugh on his big day. Check out our various funny brother birthday cards and we guarantee you’ll find one that fits your bro’s unique sense of humor. Whether we likes dirty jokes or funny cartoons, our hilarious birthday cards are sure to do the trick.