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Belated Birthday

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Whoops! You forgot somebody's Birthday. The epic event just "temporarily" slipped your mind, of course, and now you're more than making up for the forget-you-not faux pas by gifting the year-older friend, family member or colleague one of the awesome, amazing, never-to-be-forgotten, sure-to-be-appreciated, mirthful missives in this better-late-than-never greeting card collection.

Putting a light, bright, happy spin on B-Day date mix-ups are: a couple of black and white penguins trying to hold a conversation on an iceberg when the Titanic comes crashing home to interrupt them; a poor beggar whose account passwords have slipped his mind; and a cute gray and white sloth wearing a brown hat and red and orange backpack, accompanied by its green snail friend, taking a leisurely hike down a sunlit path in the green forest and blue mountains.

Gifting someone special any one of these funny, fabulous, fantastic, all-be-it-somewhat-tardy Birthday cards will put you back in their good graces post-haste, and help them celebrate, once again, their big special day.
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