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Funny 90's Birthday Cards

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People are living longer all the time thanks to advances in medicine and pickling and preserving. But still, reaching the advanced age of ninety is an impressive accomplishment, worthy of an awesome greeting card of congratulations and best wishes for many more, if possible.

Such is the exquisite, amazing, deserving, delectable, delightful 90th Birthday treat greeting decked out and iced up sugary, stunning and sensational right here. A triple layer cake decorated with lovely purple icing and garnished with succulent grapes and luscious cherries is further sweetened and made even more appealing by adding lighted yellow, orange, green, blue and red candles at the top and the huge golden numbers 9-0.

Anybody lucky enough to be celebrating their ninetieth B-Day, and fortunate enough to receive this scrumptious cardboard slice of good cheer and great joy, will be thrillfully thankful; and with modern and future science, may just go on living another nine decades. That card to follow.