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Funny 80's Birthday Cards

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Hey, when you reach eighty years of age, there's no use crying about it (assuming you still have functioning tear ducts). Yes, you've seen and done it all and parts of your brain and body are malfunctioning, falling apart or falling right off. But the mere fact that you've attained such an advanced age is cause for celebration in itself; so why not grin, smile, laugh, joke, and have a joyful good time? And look forward to the age of ninety in one short decade's time.

That's the great, gonzo, gusto spirit NobleWorks is seeking to capture, cultivate and commemorate, within this happy, hilarious, humorous collection of 80th Birthday cards. Against a bright white background, a beautiful, white iced cake is pictured, garnished with pink roses and decorated above with big silver numbers of eightieth birthday significance. And a paged wall calendar is portrayed with gold, silver and red lettering and numbering, adorned with a pink cake, and jacked-up even more joyous with a sassy, saucy message of mirth on the inside of the cheerful charm card.

No one turning the big 8-0 will ever be a party pooper when they receive one of these garrulous, good-natured greeting cards of fine spirited fun from yourself truly!