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Funny 70's Birthday Cards

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For those who still have the mental faculties to remember their birthdays, and the arithmetical ability to correctly count up the years, you need to get them a great greeting card when they hit the momentous milestone of seventy years of age. And you need to get them it before it's too late.

This clever, colorful, 70th Birthday card collection has a number of fabulous, fantastic, merry and mirthful greetings to choose from, such as: one with a Scrabble board showing how small that number 70 really is; one with a decadent chocolate cake decorated with strawberries, more chocolate and gooey best wishes; and one with a bright yellow body detergent box advertising many of the fine features required for living fancy-free, and regular, at the rather advanced age of seventy.

Celebrate, commemorate, commiserate someone special's seventieth B-Day by bucking and yucking them up with any one of the cheerful, chuckling, chortling, well-done greeting cards gathered right here together for best buying and giving, and being appreciated by that super ancient somebody.