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Funny 60th Birthday Cards

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On someone's 60th Birthday, they just know they're going to get a whole bunch of good-natured ribbing about aging. So, why should NobleWorks disappoint those special somebody's hitting sixty, hard?

In this vast and varied, bright and colorful, hilarious and humorous, collection of sixtieth B-Day cards from NobleWorks: all 60-Year-Old Xing road signs point to assisted walking excitement; the Grim Reaper in his black robe, with sharp scythe, holding a pink cake, appears a whole lot closer than comfortable in the rearview car mirror; hair turns blue for a glum granny in a red coat walking a dog under a rain cloud; and body detergent specially designed for those turning 60 is soap-sell dished out with wrinkle-free, Medicare approved promises.

Hey, a sixtieth birthday is no reason for anybody to get down. Not when you can lift them up with laughter, good cheer and great jokes, as exhibited, illustrated and worded on any one of the garrulous greetings in this still-beating grouping.