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Funny 50th Birthday Cards

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50 looks great, doesn't it!? Well, at least, on these beautiful, colorful, cheerful, brightly illustrated and worded greeting cards. On those people actually having a 50th Birthday, well … maybe not so great.

But put a smile on any fiftieth birthday celebrant's face by gifting them one of the great, garrulous, hilarious, happy cards in this epic and epoch-saluting collection, which helpfully, and hopefully, includes: a golden history lesson recounting lost teeth, hair, memory and sex drive; a lovely cartoon lady in red still getting and flaunting it with a flagon of wine to heighten the illusion; a sandaled sad-sack in a yellow shirt and blue jeans dropping off his bell bottoms, tye dyes, Beatles albums and lava lamps, as he's forced to finally act his age; and a whole lot of big 5-0's in glittering, glorious, gorgeous gold, green, purple, red and foil.

The fiftieth B-Day can be tough enough to swallow for those marking the half-century point in life, but you'll lighten and brighten the occasion big-time by giving out one of these wise, witty, hysterical greeting cards fit just right and righteous for the fifty year, semi-centennial commemoration.