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Funny 40th Birthday Cards

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The Big 4-0. Turning forty is a major milestone occasion in anybody's life; the halfway point, some physicians and statisticians would say. But rather than look at the shady side of over the hill, NobleWorks chooses, along with you, to celebrate this special, significant, super, life-altering, death-approaching event on someone's calendar countdown, with this wonderful, colorful, vast and varied, hilarious and humorous collection of 40th Birthday cards.

Sexy is featured, of course, with: a leopard tailed, eared and whiskered witty cougar; a short, to-the-point, bright yellow To Do list; and a fabulous, fashionable, shopping around femme in a pink and white dress.

Other fortieth B-Day cards illustrated and worded, freighted and fraught, with good cheer, funny one-liners and ambivalent feelings include: a driver getting pulled over by a cop and pleading his case via a chuckle-worthy clich..., within a blue border; a group picture of medieval types gathered together for the feast of forty middle ages; and the glittering, ruby red, glorious, gussied-up number itself, festooned with gemstones and joy-jacked by bright, vivid, vibrant, brilliant blue, purple, red and orange swirlies, all in the cause of great, one-for-the-ages jubilation.