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Funny 30th Birthday Cards

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A thirtieth Birthday is a big, significant event - someone's not so young anymore, but still young enough not to be middle-aged or considered old. It's a milestone marker point to assess where you are in life - still time to make changes before getting too set in your ways, but the body is beginning to take a toll so you'd better get moving.

Anyway anyone slices it, turning thirty is a big deal, requiring an appropriately awesome Happy 30th Birthday card to commemorate and celebrate with. Like any of the fun, hilarious, colorful, humorous, heartfelt greeting cards in this good-time collection.

Here, in this terrific cheer grouping: a luscious, gooey, scrumptious cake is pictured on a bright white background, absolutely dripping with drizzled chocolate and further decorated with strawberries and yellow, blue, orange, green and red lit candles; a woman is photographed scratching her head at the conundrum of actually looking "forward" to one's thirtieth Birthday, as a black and white and pink cow chews its cud in the green pasture, blue sky background; and Good Lord!, Jesus Christ his own holy self shoots out a jokey shout-out and a wink of sassy recognition, to really beatify and bless that special B-Day woman or man's big age (and aging) occasion.