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Funny 20's Birthday Cards

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Turning twenty-one years of age isn't "just" about being legally entitled to consume alcohol; but it is "mostly" about that. Reaching the age of true adulthood comes with the blessed bonus of being able to purchase and quaff bliss-inducing beer and hard liquor in any establishment and quantity of your choosing. Truly, the pinnacle of inebriated living has been reached, and flooded!

Celebrating and commemorating that life and mind-altering occasion is, appropriately enough, a NobleWorks greeting card featuring a frosty, froth-headed brew on the inside. Also in this funny and fabulous, drinking fulfillment 21st Birthday greeting card collection: a hanging calendar is pictured with blue and red lettering and numbering, a pink iced candle-lit cake, and hopeful, happy words, on the outside, and a snarky, sassy, saucy, hilarious rebuke on the inside; a drunken woman in a pink party dress tries to key open "the door;" and a delicious, gooey, tasty, delectable B-Day cake is drizzled with oodles of caramel and decorated with chocolates and yellow, blue, green, red, pink and orange flaming candles, to send out scrumptious salutations.

Anyone turning the big 2-1 should drink in the joy of the event, and any one of these fantastic, humorous, good cheers greeting cards will get the twenty-first party started in style!