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Funny 18th Birthday Cards

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Remember when you were 18? Well, okay, even if you can't remember that far back, remember to celebrate with someone special who is just turning eighteen, by gifting them one of the fabulous, fantastic, hilarious Happy 18th Birthday cards in this clever and colorful adulthood commemorating collection of cards.

Against a bright white background, a glorious, gorgeous, green iced, pink dotted, cookie topped, candle lit B-Day cake is featured along with the sprinkle splattered numbers 1 and 8 (with more yellow, red, blue, purple and orange sprinkle sparkled letters on the inside of the scrumptious greeting card). And another cheerful, churlish, hysterical greeting card exhibits a hanging calendar adorned with a cake and cheering words on the front, while a more snarky and sassy salutation is spelled out in red script on the orange inside of the joyful joke card.

Turning eighteen means becoming an adult, legally entitling one to vote and do a number of other things. So be sure to majorly mark the milestone life occasion by giving somebody suddenly turned mature one of the cute, amazing, humorous cards in this good-time grouping.