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Funny 16th Birthday Cards

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Somebody's Sweet 16th just got a whole lot sweeter, thanks to this sugary, decadent, delightful sixteenth Birthday card. Good enough to eat, a tasty treat for the eyes and emotions of that special someone marking a super significant milestone in their young life.

A pink iced B-Day cake is plattered on a purple dish and piled high with luscious, succulent, red and white and green and delicious ice cream cones, strawberries, bon bons and lollipops. While the candy sprinkled and sparkled, pink frosted number 16 is baked and laid out on a bright, vivid, vibrant white background.

Your good-natured gooey greeting will draw gasps and cheers, and maybe even tears of sweet happiness, when you gift it to someone extra-wonderful celebrating such an important event in their lives.