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Funny 100th Birthday Cards

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Anybody who reaches one hundred years of age must be doing something right. And you'll be doing right by them by recognizing their amazing life milestone achievement with an awesome 100th Birthday greeting card. Like the ones featured in this hundredth and counting compelling card collection.

On one heart-warming, flaming, good-time greeting, a white iced B-Day cake is pictured pedestaled on a pink dish and loaded with lit-up pink and blue candles, with large silver letters (outside and inside) marking the epic aging accomplishment. While on another garrulous greeting, an elderly woman wearing glasses is photographed lighting her latest cigarette on her "100" pink and white cake candles, exhibiting in a fine, funny, keep on puffin' way just how she managed to make the century mark looking so good.

Send out your good cheer and best wishes for one hundred more happy years with one of the colorful, heartfelt, hilarious, high style missives of mirth and merriment in this epic grouping.