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Teacher Thank You Jumbo Cards

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A special teacher who helps you along your educational way can mean the difference between big academic success and mediocre grades, an enjoyable scholastic experience versus a grinding go through school. Because of the huge, wonderful difference they make in your life, learning and career, great teachers should be recognized and rewarded with giant Thank You cards of appreciation - like the ones in this vast and varied but uniformly enormously grateful selection of cards.

This humungous collection has it all when it comes to you giving a super-terrific A plus recommendation to a one of kind educator: bunches of lovely pink flowers, cute brown and white puppies and adorable orange and white kittens, a colorful stack of pencil ends, an antique selection of book bindings, lions and bears and monkeys and giraffes and rhinos and lemurs riding high and going crazy with good cheer, and even a 'Teacher's Pet' hilarious product parody gag. Frolicking fingers, fish and kids and much, much, mucho large more.

Achieving a certificate, diploma or degree can be a long, grueling, tedious, stressful process. Unless it is lightened and lit up by a terrific teacher who inspires you to greater effort and enthusiasm, someone on the other side of the desk who elevates your education from dreary drudgery to amazing delight. That awesome teacher deserves one of the massive, touching and funny cards from this superior, top of the class array.
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