Recently Added Christmas Jumbo Cards

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Huge Xmas cards don't come any more colorful and hilarious than the ones available in this collection. Done up holiday brightly and sprightly in bold reds, greens, blues, pinks, yellows and whites, and bursting with brash humor, these extra-large Yuletide gut and nut-busting cards represent something completely different from the same-old same-old to celebrate the season.

On one enormous card, the patients at a mental hospital gather under the baton-wielding direction of an orderly to sing all about the voices they keep hearing in their heads. Another super-sized, laugh-out-loud card provides a new take on the traditional nativity scene, with the 3 Wise Men being replaced by the 3 Wisemans (Murray, Ruth and Sid). While another screamingly funny, vividly rendered mammoth card shows a trio of deer dancing into an office and proudly declaring that they're here, queer and deer. And every giant card has more illustrations and punch lines inside, too.

You can buy big Christmas cards almost anywhere. But you'll only find this selection of one-of-a-kind massive, mirth and merrymaking, clever and color-filled, joyous Noel cards at NobleWorks. Gift one to somebody special this festive season, and watch their face light up like a slightly off-kilter Christmas tree.