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Nobleworks By Design Hanukkah Thank You Jumbo Cards

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Go for the giant gold gelt! And then gift it on out, gigantically gratefully. To wish somebody super-special a huge Hanukkah Thank You! As coined, minted, polished and made-up on this golden, glittering, sparkling, menorah-embossed, extra-large gratitude card.

A tantalizing treasure trove of gold foil coins shine and shimmer on the front of this Jewish Festival of Lights gratefulness greeting card. While the interior of the bright, brilliant, Yiddish appropriate card is colored light blue and further lit-up with a big "Thank You" message.

Anyone receiving this enormously bright, immensely glowing, greatly good-natured greeting of holiday appreciative recognition will consider themselves richly rewarded for their wonderful good deed or gift.
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