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Non-Humor Engagement Jumbo Cards

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Love blooms! With commitment, too! When two special people get engaged to be married, they deserve a big bouquet of floral tribute for finding true love and fixing a date to make it legally binding.

But actual flowers can be darn expensive, best reserved for the enchanted lovebirds to exchange between themselves. So, the perfect gift of recognition and joy for any congratulating third party is a wonderful, colorful, giant greeting card jam-packed with lovely blossoms in a stunning and heartfelt arrangement.

Enter: the gorgeous, well-wishing, sweet sentiment laden, extra-large Engagement Congratulations card featured here. Bursting with good nature and vibrant living colors, exquisite red, yellow, pink and oranges roses with green leaves and stems wreath the front of this stunning, charming, epic card and form a glorious heart within which is crimson-scripted your hugely meaningful congrats to the excited engagees announcing that their love will be soon be on-the-books official.