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New Ephemera Birthday Greeting Cards

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Classic, classy, beautiful ladies, and one former President of the United States, delightfully and saucily decorate the fronts of the New Ephemera Funny Birthday Cards collection.

In this colorful, hilarious, dame-centric conglomeration of humor B-Day cards: a tam-wearing redhead hugs her Scottie dog and compares her pickiness with her pooch's poop placing peccadilloes; a smiling blonde showing a lot of skin in a star-spangled red, white and blue costume hopes some nice country will invade and restore our democracy; another green-eyed woman raises a steaming cup of coffee and ponders her mixed emotions when people she hates at work bring her a birthday cake; and the aforementioned ex-prez asks the startling poignant question for these chaotic times: 'Miss Me Yet?'

Celebrate someone's birthday with true style and snarkiness, by sending them one of these cutting but classically rendered joke cards. You'll add to the levity and laughter on their special day, for sure.
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