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Retro-inspired Birthday and Everyday Occasions Cards by Rabbit Ears

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Retro Pictures - Funny Cards

In the "old days," before pixilated and liquid pictures, flat screens and 4D high def, televisions had "Rabbit Ears," twin-stemmed antennae attached to the back of the set which you'd adjust in order to get a better (black and white) picture. That's the clever, telegenic premise featured for hilarity here, on these finely-tuned, funnily-worded Birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Halloween, Anniversary, Father's Day, Mother's Day and Retirement greeting cards.

A black and white face is framed within a red, brown, green, blue, black, yellow or orange cabinet TV set and then colorfully captioned with a wise and witty crack, fit for happy, delightful viewing by one and all. Sample channels include: an old lady who no longer believes in free love but is still hopeful of a senior citizen discount on the most romantic day of the year; a pair of horny middle-aged men reading in a newspaper (remember those?) about a sexy Xmas sale at the local lap dance club - all panties half off!; and a confused woman with a cute gray cat sitting atop her set pondering if she could one day actually be the person kitty thought she was, to dish out some purr-fect B-Day best wishes.

These utterly unique, awesomely inventive, historically accurate, incredibly hysterical, retro modern boob tube takes on a vast and varied selection of occasions and holidays make picture-perfectly-charming gifting to all those who still vertical hold a fine appreciation for the technological antique age before computers and the Internet, and tint control a good, wholesome, crystal-clear sense of humor.