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Funny Teacher Thank You Jumbo Cards

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Everyone has had that special teacher in their educational life who gives of themselves, goes the extra mile, mentors their students in life as well as academic matters. Those wonderful, one of a kind educators are deserving of special recognition - in the paper printed form of a huge, hilarious Thank You greeting card. Like one of the big, humorous, appreciation cards in this massive, mirthful collection.

A brown and white puppy dog throws its furry paws wide open in an adorably endearing goodwill gesture; a school of fish swims with one truly unique, fintastic member; a sexy lady in a mortarboard chalks up a funny truism along with heartfelt sentiments; and gown and cap clad grads raise their thumbs to salute all those products that made it possible for them to pass, and that one tremendously helpful guiding light teacher. To single out just a few of the light and right hearted giant cards in this vast, good-natured array.

You'll miss that super teacher when you've successfully - finally - exited the educational system, so take the time beforehand to recognize their achievement in assisting in your accomplishment by giving them a great gratitude piece of paper such as any one of the cheerful and cheering cards full featured here.
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