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Funny Baby Jumbo Cards

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Is there any bigger, better, more blessed and life-changing event than having a baby? A new little boy or girl will rock anyone's world, hugely. And for the most part, it's good news (except for those midnight feedings, two a.m. diaper changes, and eighteen years of expense and exasperation).

As a result, NobleWorks gives birth to a whole mess of large, colorful, unique, laugh out loud greeting cards to celebrate the occasion of someone bringing a newborn into the world. It can be an enormously stressful time in anybody's life, so these fabulously funny cards are designed to lighten the mood, if not the load.

In bright, bold colors and hilarious cartoon illustrations and witty words, spider baby spins a web of arrival, pink and blue party balloons are handed out to Mom and child, donuts produce doughy twins, a little boy discovers the shocking secrets of baby creation in a pop-up book, and a tot brags bigly about talking the talk.

Celebrate the joyful event of baby-making with great laughs and giant cards. These delightful, gargantuan greetings are just what the doctor ordered, and you can deliver to any happy parent.
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