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The "Family Holiday Letter" is a Christmas classic, a tradition usually as welcome, interesting and appetizing as that gifted Xmas fruitcake. At least, that's the colorful, clever and funny idea and image featured on this yucky and yummy Yuletide card from artist James A. Frost.

Seymour's significant other, attired in a red sweater and seated at the candy cane draped kitchen table, brandishes a bragging year-recap letter from the "Brindlemore's" as scowling Seymour, gripping a coffee cup and reading the newspaper in his green sweater, listens with a huge measure of dubiousness. Because long before The Donald came to political prominence as the Prez, there was "fake news" being distributed and disseminated each and every year in the annual, seasonal kith and kin highlight letter from distant, devious relatives.

Give the gift of real, true, engrossing, engaging, terrific good cheer and best wishes to friends, family and coworkers by wrapping them up this wise, witty, humorous, hilarious, cartoon Noel card.
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