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Boss Thank You Jumbo Cards

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Having a fantastic boss is HUGE! It can mean the difference between a great job and a grim position, a fun work environment and a frustrating employment setting. So, while the big, talented bossman or woman may get some extra perks for being large and in-charge, don't forget to show them your appreciation of their tremendous interpersonal and supervisory skills. Give them your own oversized personal tribute and enormous thanks with any of the giant 'Thank You' cards in this collection.

Orange, cheesy letters on a bright blue background delightfully spell out your gratitude to a super boss; red, pink, yellow, purple and green florals entwining letters and framing sentiments, on sky-blue and deep black and off-white backgrounds, truly and heartfully enunciate your massive gratefulness; and an old-fashioned keyboard type of card expresses your admiration for that wonderful workplace leader in a truly unique manner.

Give that fine office, workshop, factory, retail or restaurant head honcho a gargantuan pat on the back for being so wise and wonderful, creating such a special workplace, by submitting to them one of these mammoth cards of good cheer and lovely laudatory sentiments. It'll put you in aces with the boss, keep you away from a pink slip, for sure.
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