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Birthday Cards with Adult Humor and Juvenile Humor for Adults-only

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Sure, you can find birthday cards at your local discount store with slightly scandalous messages that would make a schoolgirl blush. But you aren't an innocent schoolgirl, are you? And the person you're buying the birthday card for probably isn't either. No, we're guessing you're all sorts of delightfully depraved, and we wouldn't have you any other way! But this high level of depravity comes with some costs, one of which is not being able to summon so much as a smirk at the kind of lame cards that are oh-so-abundant out there. You need something with a little more kick, a bigger bite, and extra dose of naughty with an occasional dash of righteous raunch! You need the Adult Birthday Cards from, and golly gosh they need you, too!

Adult Birthday Cards For The Women

Looking for a birthday card for your best female friend? Something that says, "I'm glad you were born, and I'm glad you'll find this as funny as I do, because then I don't feel like there's something wrong with me." We have cards like that! Lots of 'em. A favorite of mine is this simple but simply awesome Adult Birthday Card, featuring an angelic little girl in classic prayer mode looking to a higher power for a 'friggin' pony'. It reminds me that while my sister assumes my nieces are saying their prayers at night for world peace and the happiness of all the little puppies of the world, chances are they're asking for an iPod Touch. I was asking for an original Nintendo in my day, but we're just gonna pretend I'm not that old, OK? Thanks.

Adult Birthday Cards For The Men

Most of the greeting cards we create work well for men and women alike, but there are some that work a bit better for one than the other. Our vast selection of cards celebrating the beauty of bitchiness, for example, work well for the ladies. You can definitely feel free to give them to bitchy guys, of course, but most of the ones we sell are for girl to girl (not like that!) card giving. Similarly, while you can give one our fart-themed birthday cards to a girl, it's mostly guy to guy. Probably because girls don't fart. And I'm a girl, so I know that for sure. Guys, however? Even boy babies crack up over the gas they pass. But don't give one of our Adult Birthday Cards to a baby. That'd be weird.
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