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Dirty Birthday Cards, Naughty Humor Greetings and Birthday Quotes

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Pssst! Over here. Grade humorous A dirty cards over here! I know, we aren’t wearing a trench coat like you may have expected, but I promise these cards are the decidedly dirty gems your wonderfully warped mind is looking for. From slightly risqué cards to cross-the-line crude, we do our Noble Works best to show you just how funny unrefined can be. And I think we do a pretty good job! Let’s take a peek through this little hole in the wall and see what Dirty Cards we find, shall we?

Dirty Cards For Your Naughty Friends

Nothing says ‘Happy Birthday’ quite like a card featuring a disturbingly dirty version of a fairy tale that was already messed up and full of innuendo to begin with. Ah yes, you know the one we mean. There’s a wolf, and a hood, and a journey through the woods, and enough material to fill an entire Women’s Studies college course. Well, our version cuts through all the metaphors and gets straight to the heart of it. Yeah, Dirty Cards this perverse are a rare breed, but Noble Works is here to ensure they don’t become endangered!

Dirty Humor Cards For Every Occasion

Birthday cards are among the most popular cards people shop for, so it’s only natural that we’d have a fantastic selection of dirty cards in that category. But we don’t want to restrict you to one naughty card per person each year. That’s no way to live and card give! So we didn’t only create naughty birthday cards. We took our adult humor to places they’d never even think to look for it if the cops broke in with a search warrant for adult humor. We made Dirty Cards for Halloween. We made them for Valentine’s Day. We made them for Graduation. We even made X-rated Get Well Cards, and that can be tricky to pull off! But think we reached our finest moment in filth when we created these Dirty Cards. Yep…dirty Thanksgiving cards. Even we weren’t expecting that one, but there they are. Sometimes I’m so proud of our accomplishments I could cry.
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